insect screens are a must in all homes, offices and other locations. Insectshield offers both permanent and retractable screen solutions that are innovative, stylish and durable. Insectshield insect screen systems can be used on all types of windows. They are durable, preventing rust and fraying. Insect screen india provide protection from insect, dust and provide invisible solutions that offer full ventilation and UV-ray protection. Insectshield window insect screen are custom made to order and will fit almost every style of window available today.

  • Fits most window types
  • Color options
  • Safety Lock for mesh prevention
  • Comes in custom sizes
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Multiple openable functions

  • Types of window screens

    Window frame system - casement, sliding windows: Insect screen for windows, porches, boats, mobile homes, offices and other locations. Low cost yet very elegant insect screen solutions for windows in India are provided by InsectShield. Insect screen are ideal replacement for Velcro mesh insect screen systems. Insectshield insect screen for windows can be used in all types of windows. Insect screen mesh can be of Aluminium or fiber glass imported from USA. Insectshield insect screen for windows in wooden finish, colors metal finish also. Insect screen for windows in india. India insect screen system from 12 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY FROM DATE OF INSTALLATION. Insect shield in India are the makers of Roller mesh system which are the best suited product for insect screen and protection.

    Pleated Window mesh system - Insectshield insect screen system for pleated windows are best suited, durable solution for insect screen for pleated windows. Horizontal sideways movement of insect screen for sliding, pleated windows. Insectshield insect screen are made of durable polyester thread imported from USA. The mesh operates on polyester thread with filament core on tension based technology. Insectshield insect screen for pleated, sliding windows are ideal for large windows. Insectshield insect screen for windows are perfect fit for areas with strong winds. Insect screen are best suits for children rooms, hospitals, classrooms, clubs and more.


    Material PVC, Aluminum, Wooden
    Screen Velcro, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze
    Sizes Min. 13.5" to 84" Maxiumum Inch
    Operation Sliding, Roller, side open, partition, roll-up, motorized
    Security While, Off-white, grey, steel grey, brown, wooden and custom


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