insect screens are a must in all homes, offices and other locations. Insect screen for hinged doors, sliding doors, to rollaway systems that are simply pulled down when required and hidden out of sight for the rest of the time. Insectshield Insect screen for doors work particularly well with French doors, casement doors, bi fold doors collapsible doors and more. Insectshield insect screen for doors can also be fitted to your existing doors. Insect screen for doors come in various fitments.


Material PVC, Aluminum, Wooden
Screen Velcro, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze
Sizes Min. 13.5" to 84" Maxiumum Inch
Operation Sliding, Roller, side open, partition, roll-up, motorized
Security While, Off-white, grey, steel grey, brown, wooden and custom

Types of window screens

Barrier free door insect screen system - Insectshield mesh system for doors solution for large entrance doors, French doors, Patio doors, collapsible doors and more. Insect screen for doors are perfect solution for protecting dust, insects while keeping the visibility intact. Insectshield insect screen for doors has please mesh which is stacked on sides when not in use. Insectshield insect screen for doors has state of the art caterpillar chain link movement system which smoothens the stacking of the door mesh sideways. The 3mm bottom strip does not pose any hindrance to the movement in and out of the door. Insectshield insect screen mesh are easy to clear and maintain. Insectshield mesh system for doors are best solution available in India.

Fixed, Sliding and Closed door insect screen system - Insectshield insect screen system for pleated windows are best suited, durable solution for insect screen for pleated windows. Horizontal sideways movement of insect screen for sliding, pleated windows. Insectshield insect screen are made of durable polyester thread imported from USA. The mesh operates on polyester thread with filament core on tension based technology. Insectshield insect screen for pleated, sliding windows are ideal for large windows. Insectshield insect screen for windows are perfect fit for areas with strong winds. Insect screen are best suits for children rooms, hospitals, classrooms, clubs and more.


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Compare InsectShield with others

INSECTSHIELD.IN Others insect screens
Certified to be 100% Lead Free Contains Lead – hazardous and banned substance
Microban Certified for antibacterial properties Bacteria & Fungus grow on them
Fire Retardant certified – does not burn Easily catches fire and spreads
Greenguard certified – does not emit green gases Emits hazardous gases – threat to children, pregnant women & elders
100% Recyclable Non-recyclable & pollutes
ISO 9001 – 2008 certified Not Certified
Dedicated sales & after sales support No Support
Showrooms across India Small time players
Centralised state of the art factory Small time local assemblers
Professionally trained technicians Part-time/ten plus one job installers
Professionally trained with technical product knowledge Quacks, not even aware of what they deal with
Approach customers as a solution provider Approach customers from price / affordability point of view
20 year old India’s largest selling, highest quality insect screen brand No known brand and poor quality nets with shorter life span
Audited by Industrial Research Institute

All India service network

Insect screen sales and service center across India

Certified Installation

Our factory-trained installation teams are all Insect Screens experts.

10 Years warranty

India's only 10 year warranty insect screen provider!

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