Insect Screen Systems

India is a tropical developing country with major problems of Mosquitoes and other flying insects like Wasps, Flies, Bees, and Moths etc. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous as dieses such as Malaria, Filariasis , Dengue & Chikungunya. Flies are also quite dangerous as they are instrumental in spreading Cholera, Diarrhea, Typhoid, Dysentery, Gastroenteritis, and Salmonellosis. Doors & windows in India must have Insect Screen Systems for ventilation & light while mosquitoes, flies & other insects stay out. Insect Screen Systems have been used in India for more than 100 years. Technology has improved & Insect Screen Systems for doors & windows has become more advanced in keeping the Mosquitoes & Flies out.

Insect Screen Systems can be broadly classified in 3 major categories.

Hinged Casement Insect Screen Systems

Conventional insect screens being used for more than 100 years. It was good in yesteryears and served the objective but it had drawbacks like excessive wastage of space, expensive, too much maintence & less ventilation/light. Hinged insect screen systems work best on wooden frames. It is easy to install two shutters (main shutter & screen shutter) on wooden frame. Hinged casement insect screen system are awfully expensive in UPVC doors & windows and also the drawback of space wastage. This particular insect screen system does not work at all on aluminum frame as the handles of both shutters clash with each other.

Hinged Casement Insect Screen Systems

Sliding shutter Insect Screen Systems are better than casement solution as these do not waste valuable space. Sliding shutter Insect Screen Systems are mainly used in UPVC and Aluminum doors & windows. Sliding insect screen shutters are totally useless in wooden frame because the friction between the sliding shutter and the frame is very high making it very difficult to use. The problems faced while using this system mainly the thickness of 3 track, bottom rollers need constant maintenance and mesh replacement is very cumbersome. In cheap sliding insect screen systems shutter due to non alignment or because of cheap defective weather strip, leakage can develop between two shutters allowing insects inside the house.

Retractable Insect Screen Systems

Retractable Insect Screen Systems are latest & most technically advanced insect screen shutters launched in last 20 years. Inventers have studied the previously used screen systems and have introduced various product to suit the users’ requirements. Space saving, more light, more air, aesthetically pleasing & affordable pricing has made retractable insect screen systems popular throughout the world. Retractable insect screen systems are can be installed at clients place without much efforts and similarly maintained without too much time, money or labour. Retractable Insect Screen Systems are highly compatible and can be installed on UPVC doors & windows. These systems can be powder coated to colour match & can be used on wooden or aluminum doors & windows. Retractable insect screens systems come in various model namely
  • Roll Down Insect Screen System
  • Pleated Mosquito Insect Screen System
  • Barrier Free Mosquito Insect Screen System
  • ZIPLOCK Roll Down Mosquito Insect Screen System
  • Magnetic Insect Screen System.