Insect Mosquito Mesh for Doors

window insect screens

Pleated Mosquito Net for Doors ( Single Shutter )

Insect Shield manufactures the best mosquito net Pleated screen in India. Pleated Mosquito Screen has been manufactured keeping in mind the best quality parameters and best fabrication process.

Aluminium Aluminium Alloy STRONG 6063 T6 From Jindal
Pleated Net Polyester Green 20 X 20 with no Formaldehyde
Control Units SS pin , Derlin Rollers , Self-Lubricating & Non Rust
Cord Polyester Braided with no elongation over long usage
Replacement Policy All components except mesh replacement in 60 months

Pleated Mosquito Net for Doors
( Double Shutter )

Sliding UPVC doors & French Doors with large dimensions are served best with Pleated Mosquito Net double shutter. Double shutter can ensure smoother & better movement with more wind resistance.

Sizes Possible Width 3000mm & height 3200mm
Best For French Doors , Big Sliding Shutters
Benefits More wind resistance & better control
Operation Left & right Stacking, Can be Divided in 50:50 or 33:67
window insect screens
window insect screens

Pleated Mosquito Screen
(Freedom 3 Shutter )

Insect Shield has a very unique 3 shutter Pleated Mosquito Screen for wide widths. The 3 shutter freedom pleated mosquito net allows the user the freedom of stacking central shutter either on right or left. 3 shutters pleated insect net is effective against strong winds as aluminium profile acts as support.

Wind Pressure Can withstand strong winds
Large Size Can cove widths upto 30 feet & height upto 10.5 feet
Operation 3 shutter operation
Usage Pleated mesh for Balcony , pleated mesh for French door

Pleated Mosquito Net
(90 Degree Corner)

A new concept in Pleated Mosquito net by Insect Shield. Balcony or openings with right angle cavities. A special 90 degree corner bracket set is used to ensure a perfect closure of meshes at right angle. No mullion or support is required at the joint

Benefits Mullion less right angle perfect closure
Aesthetics More beautiful & functional
Wind Pressure Can cover open balconies and mini rooms
Operation Very easy overlap on end for smooth operation
window insect screens
window insect screens

Pleated Mosquito Insect Mesh
(Barrier Free)

Barrier Free Mosquito net is the best Mosquito Net screen system in India. It is mainly used in front doors. Barrier free has caterpillar chain which is a Japanese technology. It is used in doors which have no threshold. The guide strip is 5 mm thick & is stuck to floor with special 3 M double side tape.

Operations Caterpillar chain operated barrier free mosquito net
Best For Homes with Small children & Old People
Colour Option Wooden Finish , Powder Coated or Anodised
Usage Main Door , Lift & Slide Doors,

Insect Shield Comparison

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Feature INSECTSHIELD Other Local Suppliers
Company History 20 years Market Leader in Mosquito Nets & Insect Screens Small traders with no history & technical skills
Warranty 5 years Replacement Warranty in writing supported by after sales service Verbal non-committal warranty with no after sales service
Price of product Maybe 10 – 15% higher because of 100 percent better product Should be priced 50% as extremely bad product & service
Distribution Reach Franchisee in all Metros & Tier1 Cities Confined only to freelancers
Collaboration & Technology German Technology by GreenWeb Italian Collaboration with T.I.E Low quality copied products with cheap recycled plastic
Fiberglass Mosquito Nets & Plisse Pleated Insect Screen Panorama Invisible Net by T.I.E, Italy Polyester Mesh approved in Europe Cheap quality mesh from unknown suppliers
Green certificates REACH Certified Polyester Pleated Net. No harmful Formaldehyde emission Cheap mesh from recycled PP with harmful emission in daylight
Aluminium Profile & powder Coating Jindal - Aluminium Alloy 6063 T6 Akzonobel - Powder coating Recycled soft Aluminium. Cheap & uneven powder coating
Sales & Service team Trained & responsible team ready to be solution provider Illiterate team with tendency of lying to sell for quick money
Factory & Machines Pneumatic Pleat Hole Drill & Ultra-Sonic Welding ( only we have in India ) Hand drill uneven holes in pleated mesh
Factory Visit at Select Metros WELCOME all customers to see our process. Will never ever invite Do not have factory
Key accounts Large UPVC door & window Manufacturer European Aluminium door & windows Co. Freelancers and petty turnkey contractors