Pleated Mosquito Net for UPVC Windows

UPVC is the largest used material for making pre-fabricated doors & windows. Windows can be small size casement or large size sliding. Pleated Mosquito Net for UPVC windows has the versatility of being a solution for different type of windows being installed in same home. Insect Shield product can be used in double track sliding windows, French windows, triple track sliding windows, 90 degree windows. A sub frame can be used depending on the handle installed on UPVC shutter. The profile of Insect Shield Pleated Mosquito mesh is only 25mm and it does not stand out when fixed above UPVC. Budget conscious customers can cover only the open able part of sliding 2 track or 3 track windows. The mesh shutter can be fixed directly on UPVC profile (Face Fixing) or on the walls (Recess Fixing). For windows facing high wind pressure a new innovation & invention Wind Proof (WINDOKLIP) category is available at extra cost. Product Warranty is 5 years.

Quality We

Insect Shield team has the vision of being the best in all aspects of production

Technically Qualified Team

Training & technical skills coupled with quality SOP makes Insect Shield team
We are the only manufacturer using Ultrasonic Welding machine to ensure perfect bonding. The holes for thread are drilled using pneumatic needle machine. Quality control ensures 4 point checks for each mesh produced in Insect Shield. Size, Colour, Function, movement. The Pleated Mosquito Net is covered under 5 year’s warranty. Experienced technical managers Mr Leo from GreenWeb – Germany & Mr Andrea from T.I.E – Italy have trained technicians at our factory. Insect Shield factory is audited for annually for production & quality systems by managers from TATA Pravesh , Asahi India Ltd & Lingel India Ltd.

Experienced Installation & Service team

Best products have to be supported by best service team & best service practices. The team at Insect Shields has been trained to service complaints with minimum of intrusion.
  • Knowledgeable about UPVC, Aluminium & Wooden doors.
  • Provide solution for Casement, Sliding, and French doors.
  • Trained in application of Silicon Sealant.
  • Replacement of Pleated Mesh at Site.
  • Repair/ replace cord cut by misuse.

Important Information

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5 Years Warranty.
UPVC windows – Casement, French, 2 Track, 3 Track
  • Grey & Black
  • Plisse Polyester, Hole Size 20 X 20
  • Width – 180 cm (6 Feet)
  • Height – 210 cm (7 Feet)
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