Stainless Steel SS 304 Mesh Roll BLACK COATED

A new technology of coating SS 304 wire has resulted in ultra-beautiful product better known as BLACK COATED SS 304 Mesh. Stainless Steel mesh is woven and then epoxy powder coated with Black special coating material. After the coating the mesh rolls is cured in an oven at a very high temperature. Due to this curing & epoxy coating the mesh wires get welded to each other and the holes remain perfect even after being stretched in aluminium or UPVC shutter. Stainless Steel 304 is speciality steel which does not rust under exterior weather conditions. The unique property of steel comes in the composition of the alloy which should have minimum of 8% Nickel. Insect Shield SS 304 Mesh has 0.17 mm wire diameter woven in 18X16 mesh. All rolls are tested for alloy purity and Insect Shield can provide the requisite mill certificate of production. Any customer interested can test Insect Shield rolls at laboratory of their choice on our expense. The rolls are available in widths of 90cm, 120cm, 150cm and length of 30meters. Insect Shield takes lot of pain in proper packaging of rolls
  1. Brown Paper wrap
  2. Cardboard Tube
  3. Cardboard Carton

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Insect Shield team has the vision of being the best in all aspects of production

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Training & technical skills coupled with quality SOP makes Insect Shield team

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Best products have to be supported by best service team & best service practices. The team at Insect Shields has been trained to service complaints with minimum of intrusion.
  • Knowledgeable about UPVC, Aluminium & Wooden doors.
  • Provide solution for Casement, Sliding, and French doors.
  • Trained in application of Silicon Sealant.
  • Replacement of Pleated Mesh at Site.
  • Repair/ replace cord cut by misuse.

Important Information

For Aluminium & UPVC Sliding Shutters

For Aluminium & UPVC Sliding Shutters

SS 304, 0.17 mm diameter, 18 X 16 Mesh Screen.
  • Width – 90 Cm, 120 Cm, 150 Cm
  • Length – 30 Meters
Brown Paper wrap, Cardboard Tube, Cardboard Carton
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