Pleated Mosquito Net Doors

Retractable Pleated Mosquito Net was launched in Indian market 5 years ago. The market responded well to the product and due to the intrinsic benefits of this innovative products more & more apartment owners are wanting to install Pleated Mosquito Insect Screen on windows & doors. As expected, lot of new freelancers & unethical traders have introduced substandard products to en cash the booming demand. These fly by night operators will not only cheat their customers but they will also be instrumental in maligning a very innovative & consumer friendly product by supplying & installing a very inferior variety. In the new age of digital marketing the consumer is more confused than ever as it is very easy to manipulate a purchase by feeding false information over internet. The following points should be helpful to a discerning buyer in deciding the correct supplier and a quality product along with reliable after sales service.

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